„Ancient Bed“ tape-recorded with the full band

First Single from the upcoming Vinyl EP „the world barely makes a sound“. Recorded in a live tape machine session. The song was initially composed by Hannes Fröhlich as a pure folk song. It was later adapted and arranged to the bands full line-up. Over a decade of making music together, the formation has bonded as an intuitive live session band. This live session experience was now ritualized in an analog way at Virtuose Vibes Studio, where the band recorded the upcoming EP live to an old Tascam multi-track tape machine in the summer of 2023. The warm tape compression gives the song its very special energy.

„Energetic rhythms, polyphonic vocals and massive organ sounds gonna revive the psychedelic of the sixties in a modern pop-robe.“

hannes fröhlich – vocals, guitar
maxim richter – guitar, backings
wenzel fröhlich – drums, backings
cornelius hütter – bass, backings
florian wenzel – organ, synth

recorded, mixed and mastered by niklas wenzel
music written by hannes fröhlich
lyrics written by maxim Richter
published by fröhlich music publishing
released on dynamite platten